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Dec 8, 2013 10:35am EST
. and so that's the origin of the economy. what really changed, major change was when the fort was finally closed in 1898, and when they discovered a different route into the mining district, which people didn't have to go up and down the lake on steamboats. they were all rail lines around the lake. this little town was about to go under, but nobody knew this, while all of this is going on the our federal surveys going on in the entire pacific northwest determining what is the marketable timber? it's basically the white pines, millions of acres of white wines. so that report was made from this survey in 1898, the use thf fort was close. that report was made public and, of course, you can guess what happened in. all the major timber companies including the biggest one, warehouser, moves in and they came to this area. so that's really -- when you walk through the town today that's the town the primary produced -- the town's population was about 500 in 1900. by 1910 it was almost 8000. coeur d'alene today is a very modern productive city. we depend pretty much, not entirely but tourism is big
Dec 8, 2013 10:30am EST
to have a greater opening with the west. they have to move forward on their economy. in that sense, there are pressures to try to make sure they relieved the full sanctions. we have to make sure we do not relieve the full sanctions until we get what we want in terms of narrowing the scope of their program and at the same time, you have a whole group in tehran that would like to see this process fail. it is going to be a very tense time. lots of hope, but a huge amount of things that can go wrong. i would argue that the danger of having anyone take action here that might send a signal that the united states did not want to fully test this during the six months would unwind the unity we have achieved in the sanctions, and then, if this does not work out and you have to look at the other alternatives that the president has kept on the table, you still want to have some kind of international support for any follow-up action. if the perception is that the united states did not give the full testing, that would be harmful for our interests. >> for full sanctions relief to take place on i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2